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Acidic Fume Scrubbing System

UsageChemical Industry
MaterialStainless Steel
Scrubber TypeMedium Energy Scrubber
Type of blower fansBackwardcurve/backward straight/Radial straight/open type/Peddle type/ Aerofoil /Forward curve
Capacity250CMH TO 200000 CMH
Diameter10 to 96”
RPM450 TO 3400
Frequency 50Hz./60 Hz
Phase 3 phase/ I phase
Type of driveDirect/V-belt/Coupling
MOC MS/SS ALL Grade/Aluminum/GI/PP/PP+FRP/PP+PVDF/FRVE/MS+ Rubber lined
CoatingHRcoating/Powder coating/Hallar coating/PP/PVDF/PTFE/ETFE/FEP/ Hotdip galvanized/Spray galvanized
Type of mountingFlange mounted/Wall mounted /Foot mounted/Roof mounted
Inlet temperature Up to 600 deg C
Motor rating0.25HPto 500HP

The harmful gases and odors caused by the activities of industrial facilities and enterprises pose a great threat to human and environmental health. It is necessary to develop some systems to protect our environment from these harmful substances. Gas purification systems installed in this direction contribute significantly to ensuring environmental safety. This system prevents the formation of acid rain by purifying the acidic gases from the exhaust before being released into the sky.

The scrubber can handle high-temperature streams and very moist streams. It also provides smaller space requirements. In some cases, scrubbers can be retrofitted into current equipment. Also, they can be provide cooling of heated gases. The scrubber, which has a higher desulfurization capacity compared to other equipment, has a low purchase cost. It can cool the heated gases and neutralize highly corrosive gases and dust.